Sabtu, 2 Ogos 2014



Okayyy done with raya . 
And now focus to UPS . hmm . Its little bit stress to do the revisions assignments and all those things soemtime make me feel like crazyy yaa ! For your information I'm studying in JMC a.k.a Johore Matriculation College . JMC CCC yo ! Hihi . I'm happy studied here . Happy my le roommates , my le classmates and also happy with my LECTURERS ! Ya , ya they completed my life in here . How about my study ? Haaaa . So far so good . Just I need an extra effort to catch up the syllabus because . . . This is matric okayyy . Everything is fasttttttttttt . And because of that we are soooo fasttttttt as lightningggggg ! Yeayy ! Its so challenging to be in here . Its sooo fun so adventurous . Hehehe . Hm i think thats all enough for this time maybe I can share more about me next time . In sha Allah . Have a nice day everyone ! Assalamualaikum .

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